Hon. Francis-Xavier Sosu is a great political material


Lawyer Sosu who has over the years been a pro-bono lawyer for the less privileged and downtrodden in our society should be applauded for the many wonderful initiatives and humanitarian services that he has rendered and still rendering to humanity.

Just one year as a Member of Parliament for the people of the Madina Constituency, and he has already set-up an Award Scheme to motivate and encourage teachers to improve the job that they are doing as teachers or educators.

Yesterday, 7th January, 2022, hard working teachers in the Madina Constituency won various prizes including a car prize for their dedication towards their teaching job. The Hon. MP and Lawyer should be praised because he is a good material for the developmental agenda of the Madina Constituency and even the whole country at large.

These are the kinds of leaders the country needs. Visionaries who think about the ordinary people on the streets and serve them selflessly with a genuine heart like Hon. Sosu is doing. It is not how long one stays in power or holds a position, but the positive things one is able to do with it within their time of service.

The pro-bono lawyer has offered countless pro-bono services to many people in our society, perhaps that is the reason why the people of Madina voted him to represent them in Parliament and to see to their progress and developmental agenda. It is obvious that the people of Madina will keep voting Hon. Sosu and people like him to lead them in the Constituency.

Even the government in recent times hasn’t shown this kind of motivation, encouragement, love and care to teachers, rather the President told teachers to do other things aside teaching if they want to be rich or live comfortably.

We need more young people like Hon. Sosu in leadership positions to carry out positive initiatives that support the growth of the youth and others like teachers and nurses who render selfless services to their communities and the country at large.

I personally think that Hon. Sosu has a great future in politics and should be encouraged and supported to keep up his good works for country and God.

Source: modernghana.com

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