Francis-Xavier Sosu: Don’t blame failure of Akufo-Addo-Bawumia government on MP


My attention has been drawn to a publication on in respect of me not fulfilling campaign promises with respect to roads at Danfa, a suburb community within the Madina Constituency.

First and foremost, the fact that issue of roads are being raised during a year touted by government as “Second Year of Roads” shows the insincerity and failure of Government with respect to its responsibility and pledges to the people of Ghana.

After two solid years of Government claims of fixing roads in Ghana dubbed “First and Second Year of Roads”, it has become more obvious that the Akufo Addo-Bawumia led Administration has been engaged in a politics of rhetoric and not real development.

This abdication of responsibility cannot be laid at the doorsteps of the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area.

This also shows the failure and incompetence of the Assembly led by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area in performing her functions as the Representative of the President and foremost development agent within the Constituency.

Secondly, the 1992 Constitution of the Republic and Local Government Act 2016 (Act 936) proscribes clear roles and functions of Members of Parliament and Metropolitan/Municipal/District Chief Executives. As MP for Madina Constituency, it is my responsibility to call the attention of the Executive branch of Government to the challenges facing the area when given the opportunity.

This I have done and continue to do through various means and fora whenever the opportunity avails including through questions to the Minister responsible for Roads and Highways on the floor of Parliament, through questions to Ministers designate responsible for related sectors during Vetting of Nominees as Member of the Appointments Committee of Parliament, among others.

years, attempts have not been made by the Akuffo Addo-Bawumia led Administration to fix the roads in Madina Constituency considering and despite the fact that the former MP for the area also doubled as a Minister of State shows how much the NPP Government led by President Akufo Addo have failed the people of Madina Constituency.

The calls for me to fix the roads shows the lack of attention to development in the Constituency and the confidence the people have in me to address these challenges despite being in office for only eight months.

This lack of seriousness to issues of local governance and development of communities in Ghana is reflected in delays in nomination of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives nine months after elections.

As recent as Monday, September 20, 2021 I plied the road in question during a tour of the Constituency. I have been one of the foremost Members of Parliament who constantly tours the Constituency every quarter as part of my Infrastructure Tour initiative of Projects within the Constituency.

I have consistently followed up on the road in question since I came to office. Indeed my checks show that the road was hurriedly awarded ahead of the 2020 Elections to a contractor who has failed to raise the needed financial resources to come to site. Government also failed in any mobilization for the work and hence the contractor’s inability to start the work.

I had also demanded that the contract be terminated and be re-awarded to a different contractor but was told there was a freeze in award of new road contracts so when it is terminated it is not likely to be re-awarded to any new contractor soon.

I want to assure the people of Kweiman, DANFA and Otinibi, that I can feel their frustrations because I used the same road yesterday and realized that it had further deteriorated due to the floods. This is failure of the government and we must work together to hold government accountable.

Also, it must be noted that no part of Amrahia falls within the Madina Constituency. Hence, no resident of Amrahia can accuse me for not fixing their  roads. The claim that the former MP brought contractors to site is enough evidence of the desperate efforts of the then MP and his Government prior to the 2020 elections.Why should contractors abandon projects thereafter whiles same government remains in power with one of their own as MCE.

In conclusion, it is obvious that the publication is meant to set an agenda against the MP, which is pathetic, to say the least. The “residents” in question have got no names or representatives, with the source of the article written by a ghost individual at There is no indication in the write-up that they made an attempt to contact the Office of the MP for his comments or views on the subject.

I wish to assure the people of Madina that necessary steps are being taken to address all infrastructure challenges within the Madina Constituency and as such I resolve as your MP to put in all necessary efforts to ensure that the roads are fixed by the government.

I want to assure the people of DANFA that I will stand by them and need their support to hold government accountable on this. We must work together to demand our own share of the National cake.

The writer, Hon. Francis-Xavier Sosu, is a private legal practitioner, human rights activist, Member of Parliament for Madina Constituency, Member of the Appointments Committee, 2nd Vice President of the United Nations Association of Ghana, and Deputy Ranking Member of the Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament, with background expertise in Economics, Conflict, Security and Peace studies. The writer can be contacted via:

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