Madina Job Center begins 2nd Phase of Youth in Fashion Design Program


The Madina Job Center under the auspices of the Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency, Hon. Francis-Xavier Sosu (Esq.) commences the second cohort of its fashion design training program on the 30th of July 2021.


Speaking to the guardian of one of the beneficiaries, Madam Amina Musah, she stated that her ward had been home due to lack of funds to pursue her passion in fashion and this was very worrying to the family. She also intimated that this opportunity brought hope and joy as her child is now on a journey to become a fashion designer and this was made possible by the initiative of the MP.

Ghana is faced with 12% youth unemployment and more than 50% underemployment (World Bank). The population of Madina constituency (153,000 as at 2020 National elections) is predominantly youth. It’s not uncommon to find youth in Madina idling, hawking on the streets during the day and gambling at night. This is mainly due to lack of employment opportunities for job seekers and lack of affordable opportunities for skill acquisition for the unskilled. To survive, some youth engage in criminal activities including prostitution, fraud, armed robbery among others leading to Madina being labelled as a flashpoint for crime by the Ghana 2020 Crime & Safety Report.

The youth have a right to education, to acquire skill and to get access to jobs. The Madina Job Center was established in November 2020 to alleviate the phenomenon of poverty and unemployment in the constituency and has since November 2020 connected approximately 1,600 youth to skill acquisition and job connections.
The Youth in Fashion design project which is just the first of such initiatives under the Vocational Apprenticeship Module of the Madina Job Center, aims to equip beneficiaries with vocational skills and entrepreneurial skills directed at providing the hope of a sustained economic future.

This is the 2nd Cohort of the Youth in fashion project and is implemented in partnership with the Ghana Co-operative Association of Fashion Designers (Madina Chapter).

Mrs. Nora Doku, the President of the Association, encouraged all beneficiaries to be diligent in learning and encouraged all guardians to work in Partnership with trainers to develop the full potential of thier wards. She further highlighted the income earning opportunities in the Fashion Design industry and expressed her gratitude to the MP for rising up to the occasion to support the youths in the community.

The project targets needy youth with a passion to become fashion designers. Students will be enrolled into the program every 6 months and will undergo an intensive 2 year apprenticeship program offering theory and practical training in Fashion Design and business development.

Miss Deborah Davor, the project Cordinator for Madina Job Center’s Vocational programs expressed her joy in the implementation of this project and encouraged more youth to take advantage of the Madina Job Center’s projects. They added that the Organization is working behind the scenes to make more opportunities available.

The Madina Job Center takes this opportunity to encourage all youth fitting the aforementioned category to apply through to benefit from the MP’S projects.

To sustain this initiative and to impact more youths, a call is being made to all benevolent persons with a passion to make a difference to partner the Madina Job Center for community development projects. You can email us on

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