Madina MP saves14 traders from Prison


Contempt can lead a person to a fine or prison but the swift intervention of the Madina MP Francis-Xavier Sosu,  who is also a Human Rights Lawyer saved 14 traders from prison.

An High court presided over by justice Fred Kwasi Awuah acquitted and discharged 14 traders of contempt charges brought against.  This is after the MP volunteered to represented the accused persons (traders) and subsequently  led to their acquittal and discharge.


The said contempt application was brought by one Nana Adu, owner of Nikkies Restaurant at Madina Zongo junction who claims that the frontage of his house is being occupied by the market women.

The market women have however argued that they do not occupy the land of Nana Addu and they have been put in occupation by the La Nkwatanang Municipal Assembly whom they pay the taxes to.

The lawyer for the applicant, Viccent Arkins (Esq) argue in their affidavit that they had filed an action  against the La Nkwatanang Municipal Assembly , and also filed an application for an order for eviction.

The lawyer for the respondent, a renowned human rights Lawyer who is also the MP of Madina lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu together with lawyer Elizabeth Owusua and Belinda Narkey Quanor argued forcefully that the application is un-meritorious and raised preliminary legal objection and the proprietary of the action.


Lawyers for the respondents further argued that the respondents are law abiding citizens who are incapable of undermining the authority of the court.

The Court today, 30th day of July, 2021 held that the 14 traders had not willfully disobeyed the others of the court on grands that the exhibits attached to the application did not show that the traders brought before the court were the people in the picture attached to the application.

Lawyer Sosu and his team of lawyers had also argued that from the applicant, it was also not clear whether there was any substantive order of a court, served on the traders and that the said non-existence of such order makes the contempt application in meritorious.

The traders were full of the excitement and thanked their Member of Parliament for coming to their aid.


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