More than 3000 constituents of Madina receive free medical care under Sosu Health Outreach


The Sosu Health Outreach team, under the office of the Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency has offered free medical care to more than 3000 constituents to improve their health conditions.

Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu, Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina Constituency and the Deputy Ranking Member for Legal, Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, intimated  that this is the very first time in the history of the constituency for constituents to receive free medical care, free test, consultation, medication etc.

According to the MP, job creation, education among others are his priorities for the constituency but health is his topmost priority because without a good health, one cannot work nor seek further education.

With this aim of championing healthcare in the constituency, Lawyer Sosu disclosed that the office of the MP is in talks with the Ministry of Health to expand the existing clinics and chip compounds into polyclinics in the constituency.

He further elaborated on the fact that most people’s businesses have collapsed while some others’ National Health Insurance (NHIS) cards have expired which even when they are indisposed, find it difficult to access health facilities due to the pandemic.

Head of Medical Care and Health at the office of the MP, Dr Yennusom Maalug, stated that most of the cases that were recorded turned out to be hypertension for which prescriptions and free medications were administered to the patients.

Dr. Yennusom Maalug also indicated that the outfit of the office of the MP will support any patient without the financial wherewithal to get treatment.

By Elvis Kumah Sampson

Source: Ghlense

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