Videos and Pictures: World leaders react to the devastating explosion in Lebanon that killed over 50 people and injured over 2,500


BEIRUT, Lebanon -Tuesday, August 4, 2020/ — A disturbing massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon had caused the world grieving in shock as the explosion has killed over 50 people and injured over 2,500 according to the Health Minister.

The explosion was felt by some people in Cyprus about 240 km (150 miles) from Beirut amidst a thick dark cloud of smoke in the skies.

Videos and pictures show burnt and dead bodies on the street, people covered in blood, some being aided, and others running for help. People’s house shook violently with glass windows, doors, household items breaking and littering everywhere. The explosion littered people’s houses and the streets of Beirut with broken glass and debris.

With Lebanon battling Coronavirus, the hospitals are said to be full and seeking blood donations as some are turning away injured people according to the Red Cross who said they have been receiving numerous calls.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon, Hassan Diab is appealing for international support. “I make an urgent appeal to friendly and brotherly countries… to stand by Lebanon and to help us heal our deep wounds,” Hassan Diab said.

He also refers to the devasting explosion as a major national disaster and has vowed to find and bring those responsible to book.

“Those responsible for this catastrophe will pay the price,” “This is a promise to the dead and wounded,” he added.

Lebanon’s Health Ministry has also called on medics have been asked to volunteer at the nearest place they can get to help and an emergency hotline to rescue the injured and give any support has been put in place.

Rumours circulating on social media by some people claim it is a nuclear bomb while others claim it was a bomb attacked by Israel.

However, people have been asked to end the rumours and wait for investigation as the Senior security officials claim that the explosion may be linked to extremely explosive confiscated materials stored in a warehouse near the port.

General Security, Chief Abbas Ibrahim said: “It appears that there is a warehouse containing material that was confiscated years ago, and it appears that it was highly explosive material”.

World leaders are responding to the devastating incident as many have sent their condolences to Lebanon, the families and victims and well as offering support to help Lebanon pull through this sad event.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted, “As always, Iran is fully prepared to render assistance in any way necessary. Stay strong, Lebanon.”

Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi also sent his deepest condolences and sympathy to Lebanon with prayers and a wish for the speedy recovery of the injured and consolation to the families of the victims. European Council President Charles Michel said his thoughts were with the people of Lebanon including the victims and families. He added that the EU is ready to provide assistance and support.

The Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson described the explosion in Lebanon as shocking and said the UK is ready to provide support in any way we can.

President of France, Emmanuel Macron on tweeter said France Stands with “stands alongside Lebanon” and aid was on its way.

The defence and foreign ministries of Israel has also issued a statement stating that they had reached out to the government of Lebanon to offer medical and humanitarian aid.

The Prime Minister has already declared Wednesday a day of mourning and the world mourns and prays with Lebanon for strength, healing, and recovery from this unfortunate event.

May God protect the people of Beirut and give them lasting peace

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