Lawyer Xavier Sosu launches website to solve unemployment issues in Madina constituency



The National Democratic Congress’ Parliamentary Candidate for the Madina Constituency, Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu, has launched the website to solve the high unemployment rate in the constituency.

Unemployment has been the bane of the youth in Ghana, who are unable to get jobs after graduating from school. However, to solve this issue, the aspiring MP for Madina Constituency has taken steps to provide employment opportunities and apprenticeship training to the people in his constituency.

The online job center is a central point where job seekers can apply for jobs and connect with people for business growth. The website also grants the opportunity for people to develop their skills through apprenticeship.

Speaking after the launch of the project on Sunday November 29, Lawyer Francis Xavier disclosed that he has been able to strike partnership deals with institutions abroad.

According to him, the Human Rights Lawyer said the companies are willing to come to Ghana to offer training to people who are interested in learning a skill.

“We already have partners from UK, others from South Africa who are even partnering with us to bring about very interesting training programmes for the market,” Mr. Xavier stated.

The aspiring MP donated items to some entrepreneurs to aid them in the development of their business at the ceremony.

Source: GhanaHomePage

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