#UgandaDecides2021: The battle for liberation from the jaws of a dictator?


UGANDA- Uganda goes to the polls today as the world monitors the battle between the key contestants, incumbent President Kaguta Museveni and Robert Kyangulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Pictures on social media show long queues as people vote to elect their Presidential candidate and 528 Parliamentarians. Over 18.1 million registered voters expected to cast their votes at 34,684 polling stations.

The internet and social media sites were all shut down. Journalist and election observers barred from covering the election.

Presidential candidate Bobi Wine, 38, a politician, singer, actor, and businessman who currently serves as Member of Parliament in Uganda and leader the People Power, Our Power movement said he would reject today’s election results if the polls turn out not free and fair.

President Kaguta Museveni founded the Front for National Salvation, which helped overthrow Amin in 1979 has been in power for thirty-five years with the constitution amended twice, allowing Museveni to remain in power.

Some people assert that there is no indication that Museveni will willingly handover power no matter the outcome of the elections due to the recent events of a heavy military crackdown on the citizens especially supporters of Bobi wine. Bobi Wine on Tuesday in a press conference said the military had killed his driver and his home raided.

Bobi Wine was arrested on many occasions and tortured. At a time, he exiled to the United States of America amid fear for his life.



Source: africanewsonline.com

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